Tenant Selection Process

We Find the Right Tenant for the Right Propertytenant selection process.jpg
Finding the right tenant for your property can generally mean a carefree tenancy for everyone involved.

Our process of tenant selection includes:

  • Advertising the property online
  • Tenancy Application forms are completed by every prospective tenant
  • All rental references are checked by confirming employment, income and suitability, and written rental reference from previous agents or landlords.
  • All prospective tenants are checked on an Australian/ New Zealand wide database for defaulting tenants to ensure they are not listed and have not defaulted previously
  • 100 point check completed to prove identity
  • Assessment of prospective tenants' ability to pay the required rent
  • Thorough comparison of all applications for each respective property
  • The requirement that upon acceptance of Residential Tenancy Agreement, our office is in receipt of two weeks rent in advance and equivalent to four weeks rent as bond from new tenants
  • Tenant Information Kit provided to all new tenants detailing conditions of their lease, information on inspections, RTA Rules and Regulations for renting in Queensland, and a copy of the property by-laws.