Marketing your Property

The team, including a dedicated Marketing and Brand Manager, at Rent Central know exactly how to get your investment to market. Innovation and creativity are words synonymous with the branding of Rent Central. Given our passion for the industry, we aim to be up-to-the minute with traditional and digital marketing trends to ensure we’re a step ahead of our competitors.

Over the years the types of advertising and marketing campaigns, which are used to market investment properties, have not only improved but increased in volume, range and diversity. The use of video marketing and YouTube, social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Google and other forms of media are now used to promote and bring to the forefront not only our business as an industry leader but also your investment properties we manage. This ensures we gain a high profile in the industry and rent your properties in a timely manner.  This also creates a demand for the units we manage and keeps our vacancy rate to a minimum each year.

Other marketing methods include:

  • Online advertising via more than 10 websites including and with a comprehensive and engaging property description. 
  • Active accounts through all forms of social media including, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Professional complex video distributed across numerous forms of digital and social media
  • Rental vacancy list displayed in the property’s office window
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Strong relationships with various relocation companies (for example, corporate companies, police, schools and overseas students) who regularly seek property for rent Queensland.
  • Database marketing to a large audience
  • Media engagements and press releases
  • Sign posting a property for rent – providing landlord’s instructions and body corporate by-laws permit.

We have access to very affordable, yet very appealing photography and videography. Should you wish to obtain pricing, please email our Marketing and Brand Manager.